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How to: make lip balm

things you’ll need:

  • petroleam jelly or vasaline
  • a plate that goes in the microwave
  • a little pot to put the lip balm in
  • a teaspoon
  • a scarper or a nife
  • tissue
  • protecting like a towel that you can use to stop the balm going on the counter
  • lipstick a new cheap one what ever colour you want your lip balm to be
  • freezer to freeze stuff
  • a microwave to melt the liquid


step 1


you want to take your knife and chop off the lipstick onto a plate.


step 2

add a teaspoon of vasealine or petroleum jelly to the plate near the lipstick


step 3

put the plate in the microwave until all the ingredents have melted

step 4

carefuly (cuase it is going to be boiling hot) pour the liquid the the pot that your going to put the lipbalm in.

step 5

freeze for 20 mins and then your done!








Football: Highlights- England 38-21 New Zealand

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Highlights: England 38-21 New Zealand

1 December 2012 Last updated at 20:20

England win over New Zealand delights Stuart Lancaster

Head coach Stuart Lancaster said England’s victory over New Zealand was an “unbelievable achievement”.

New Zealand were undefeated in their previous 20 matches and had beaten England in their last nine games.

Record-breaking England win

  • England’s previous biggest win over New Zealand was 13-0 at Twickenham in January, 1936
  • England’s previous highest score against New Zealand was the 31 points they scored in a 31-28 victory at Twickenham in November, 2002
  • Only once in 498 Tests had New Zealand been beaten by a bigger margin – 28-7
  • England’s last victory over New Zealand was 15-13 in Wellington in June, 2003.
  • New Zealand had not lost a Test to European opposition on an autumn tour since the 31-28 defeat to England in November, 2002

Three tries in 10 second-half minutes fired England to a record-breaking 38-21 victory over the world champions.

“The performance was exactly what we wanted. I’m chuffed for the players,” said Lancaster after England’s biggest win over the All Blacks.

“That team belief with a young England side definitely augurs well for the future.

“At 15-14 we came back with three tries of our own. We’ve tried to instil a no-fear mentality in the players and to make them have the courage of their convictions.

“To build a 15-point lead was very pleasing. The All Blacks came back strong but our energy and our fight for the shirt was outstanding. That’s what got us across the line.

“Our defence was outstanding. We forced the All Blacks into errors and not many sides do that.”

England had lost their last two internationals of the autumn series and had been given little hope of beating the All Blacks, making the win all the more rewarding for Lancaster.

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Stuart Lancaster ecstatic after England beat New Zealand

“We didn’t quite get across the line with Australia and South Africa but to get across the line with New Zealand with a young team with 206 caps in the starting XV is an unbelievable achievement,” he said.

“The win gives the players belief in the direction we are going and the rugby public a sense that this journey is the right one.

“We want to win here and now but we want to build a team for the future and we have lads like Joe Launchbury, Jon Joseph and Owen Farrell and Freddie Burns who are 21, 22 and 23 years old.

“They should be playing for England for years and we should be sat here in 10 years time and still have the same group of lads with 800 caps in our starting XV.”

England captain Chris Robshaw, only the sixth captain to lead England to a victory over New Zealand, said: “You can talk about a good performance but today we had to go out there and deliver.

Match analysis

Image of Matt Dawson Matt Dawson Former England rugby international and 5 live pundit

“I can see this being maybe the greatest England victory, ever, at Twickenham. Nothing is springing to mind where they have annihilated the world’s best team as they have today.

“I think I have been to every England game at Twickenham since I was 14. This was by far the best I’ve seen. It’s the best performance by an England side considering the opposition and considering what this team has been through, particularly over the last two weeks. Absolutely magnificent – it was an absolutely astonishing performance to win by 17 points.”

“We were disappointed not to get the results earlier. It was the best possible response, to beat the current world champions and score the tries we did was something in itself.

“Everyone delivered. Everyone rose to the occasion and proved a few people wrong. All week we were quietly confident.

“No one had given us a chance. People were saying ‘what are New Zealand going to beat them by?’ But we were confident in our abilities.”

Winger Chris Ashton , who scored the second try, told BBC Sport: “I think this day has been coming. We had to make something of it and start building on this journey we keep talking of.

“It was a good, outstanding team performance. We know where we’re heading and believe in it. We just needed a game like today to reinforce that belief and instil confidence in each other. New Zealand are still the best team in the world and that’s where we want to be.”

George Osborne: Deficit cut could take longer than planned….. :0

George Osborne: Deficit cut could take longer than planned

George Osborne Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement on Wednesday

Chancellor George Osborne has acknowledged that deficit reduction may take longer than he had planned.

He has called for people to “have the courage to stay the course” amid suggestions that the better-off could be required to contribute more.

It comes as Mr Osborne concludes his work on the Autumn Statement, to be delivered on Wednesday.

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls said it was time to “change the medicine – or change the doctor”.

‘In it together’

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson said the Autumn Statement was a Budget by any other name and some tax rises for the wealthy and cuts in welfare were widely expected.

He added that Mr Osborne, writing in the Sun on Sunday, had in effect acknowledged that he was not currently on course to get debt falling as a share of national income by the time of the next general election, due in 2015.

The chancellor warned that the road ahead was longer than thought but that he would not be doing a U-turn as “turning back now would be a disaster”.

He said if he did not continue his drive to bring down the deficit, then Britain would be plunged even deeper into debt and interest rates would rise as a result.

Mr Osborne said: “We are still all in this together. Everyone must make a contribution to dealing with our debts, from the richest in our society to those living a life on benefits.

Ed Balls Shadow chancellor Ed Balls urged the government to change tack over the economy

“Every one of my Budgets has raised more from the richest. The situation under Labour where top people in the City were paying lower tax rates than their cleaners has been ended. And we are hunting down those who evade tax wherever they try to hide.

“But we understand that fairness isn’t just about taxing the rich. It’s also about ending the something-for-nothing benefits culture.

“So we have introduced a new cap on benefits and are changing the welfare system with our new Universal Credit so that it always pays to work. Unbelievably, the Labour Party opposes these vital changes.”

He added: “The road ahead may be longer than we thought but it leads to a better future. Let’s have the courage to stay the course.”

‘Economy flatlining’

In an article for the Sunday Mirror, Mr Balls said he believed it was reckless for the government not to change course as the economy was not growing, and he repeated his call for a tax on bankers’ bonuses.

Mr Balls said he would also like to see a delay in January’s fuel duty increase and a temporary tax cut for people on low and middle incomes, such as through reducing VAT.

He said: “Everyone knows how tough things are right now. Prices are rising faster than wages, our economy is flatlining, and long-term unemployment is rising.

“This failure means the government isn’t even passing the one test they set themselves – reducing the deficit.”

He added: “We need a change of course from David Cameron and George Osborne. When the medicine makes the patient sicker, you don’t just take more of it. We need to change the medicine, or change the doctor.”

According to the Sunday Times, the chancellor is poised to cut the £50,000 annual tax relief cap on pensions to as little as £30,000 in his Autumn Statement.

The change, affecting the wealthiest pension pots, would reportedly bring in up to £1.8bn a year.

There has been no comment from the Treasury.

What do you think about a possible longer period of deficit reduction? What do you want to see from the Autumn Statement? You can send us your views using the form below.

Japan sasago tunnel : Collapes traps cars…. :C

Japan Sasago tunnel: Collapse traps cars


The BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes says it is not known how many cars are trapped

A major road tunnel has collapsed in Japan, trapping a number of vehicles and leaving at least seven people missing, media reports say.

Survivors described how large sections of concrete fell on top of cars in the Sasago tunnel.

A fire broke out and rescuers said a number of charred bodies had been seen.

The incident started at 08:00 local time (23:00 GMT Saturday), about 80km (50 miles) west of Tokyo on a road that links it to the city of Nagoya.

The tunnel is one of the longest in Japan.


Pictures from closed circuit TV cameras inside the tunnel showed a section of up to 100m (328ft) that had caved in on the Tokyo-bound lanes on the Chuo Expressway in Yamanashi prefecture.

Thick black smoke was seen coming out of the tunnel, hampering rescuers.

The rescue then had to be suspended for several hours because a further collapse was feared.

When it resumed, the first fatalities were found.

A spokesman for Yamanashi Prefectural Police told Agence France-Presse: “A number of charred bodies were confirmed inside. The number of dead is not known.”

One woman was taken to hospital after she had made her way out of the tunnel.

She said she was with five other people in a van, but added: “I have no idea about what happened to the five others. I don’t know how many vehicles were ahead and behind ours.”

A reporter for the NHK broadcaster described driving through the tunnel as it began to collapse, seeing other cars trapped and on fire. His car was badly damaged, he said.


Another survivor told the broadcaster that he saw “a concrete part of the ceiling fall off all of a sudden when I was driving inside. I saw a fire coming from a crushed car”.

He added that he was “frightened” and walked for an hour to get out of the tunnel.

The Sasago tunnel is an estimated 4.3km (2.7 miles) long.

The twin-bore tunnel is on one of the major highways out of Tokyo, the BBC’s Rupert Wingfield Hayes in Japan reports.

The road has had to be closed because of the seriousness of the accident, our correspondent says.

It is not clear what may have caused the roof to collapse.

Japan is prone to large earthquakes, but none were reported in the area this morning, our correspondent says.

The tunnel’s closure, he says, is expected to bring traffic chaos as thousands of weekend travellers head back to Tokyo on Sunday afternoon.

Are you in Japan? Did you witness the tunnel collapse? Please tell us your story using the form below

I’m a Celbrity get me out of here Winner! :D……. Charlie Brooks

After three weeks of living in the Australian jungle, actress Charlie Brooks has been crowned the champion of this year’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here‘.

Charlie was crowned Queen of the Jungle earlier tonight. Copyright [ITV]


Congratulations Charlie!

The actress beat former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts to the crown who was the bookies favourite to win the show.

On hearing the result, Charlie looked stunned while Ashley simply screamed and hugged her camp mate.

When Ant and Dec asked her how it felt to hear that she was Queen of the Jungle Charlie joked: “Silly!”

[Related Article: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here final: who should win?]

Charlie admitted that she wasn’t expecting to win the show and commended all her fellow celebrities on the roles they played in camp.

She said: “No not in a million years [did I think I would win], I had no idea, I didn’t have a clue and everyone has been amazing.

“Everyone has just been brilliant. David [Haye] was out king down there, Eric [Bristow] the fire, every single person played their role.”

Ashley and Charlie took part in their final Bushtucker trial on tonight’s episode. Copyright [Rex]

Runner up Ashley Roberts seemed pleased with the result, admitting that she was proud that she managed to make it to the end.

She said: “I have gone beyond whatever I expected to get through in this competition or show or whatever it is. I’m so proud of myself.”

Before the lines closed, Charlie Brooks had an emotional reunion with her daughter Kiki who she had frequently talked about during her time in the jungle.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will return again this time next year.

Weather in Aldershot!

Sat:   Midnight    -1 ‘c

Clear Sky   CLEAR SKY

Sun:  4 ‘c

Sunny   SUNNY

Mon:  8 ‘c

Sunny Intervals        SUNNY  MIXED WITH CLOUDS

Tue:  6  ‘c

Sunny   SUNNY

Wed:  5 ‘c

White Cloud      WHITE CLOUD

Thur:  3 ‘c

Sunny     SUNNY

Fri: 1/7 ‘c



Daily News…. SNOW IN THE UK!

Sub-Zero Weather Hits Britain As Snow Falls the snow in uk



A dusting of snow has fallen across parts of the UK, with more predicted over the weekend as many areas are gripped by sub-zero temperatures.

The frosty conditions are in contrast to the torrential rain and windy weather that played havoc in some parts of the Midlands and in North Wales at the start of the week.

Around 1cm of snow has settled in parts of northern England and Scotland, including Cumbria, Teesside and County Durham, while 2.5cm has covered the Pennines and the Southern Uplands.

In the Midlands, southern England and Wales temperatures are below freezing, and as low as -5C in some areas.

The frosty weather is expected to last for the next few days, with more snow predicted in the north and Scotland tomorrow night.

The freezing temperatures have brought with them a risk of ice, following the recent heavy rainfall.

The Met Office issued a low-level warning of severe weather, affecting much of the UK for the morning.

It said: “Due to the recent wet weather there is an increased risk of icy patches, even on roads that have been treated with salt, where water run off may wash off any earlier salt treatment.

“The public should be aware of the risk of ice on roads and pavements.”

Patroller Andy Smith warned the weekend would be “winter’s first serious test for drivers and their cars”.

“Ice is the real concern, as it’s been so wet recently, and it’s very hard to distinguish between a puddle on the road and treacherous black ice,” he said.

The snowfall in pockets of the UK has prompted a flurry of bets on a white Christmas – a gamble that typically peaks in mid-December.

“We’ve only opened one flap on the advent calendar and we’re already inundated with money for a UK-wide white Christmas,” said Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes.

Latest odds show Edinburgh is 5/2 for a white Christmas, ahead of London and Manchester, both 3/1.

Sky News weather presenter Jo Wheeler said temperatures will rise as rain spreads off the Atlantic.

“Progress will be slow, however, and it will be Sunday before that rain makes much impact on mainland UK, by which time, there is the risk of seeing some snow on the leading edge.

“For the bulk of the country, there will be a fine end to the day followed by a cold and frosty night, and a bright start to Sunday morning.”

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