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How to: make lip balm

things you’ll need:

  • petroleam jelly or vasaline
  • a plate that goes in the microwave
  • a little pot to put the lip balm in
  • a teaspoon
  • a scarper or a nife
  • tissue
  • protecting like a towel that you can use to stop the balm going on the counter
  • lipstick a new cheap one what ever colour you want your lip balm to be
  • freezer to freeze stuff
  • a microwave to melt the liquid


step 1


you want to take your knife and chop off the lipstick onto a plate.


step 2

add a teaspoon of vasealine or petroleum jelly to the plate near the lipstick


step 3

put the plate in the microwave until all the ingredents have melted

step 4

carefuly (cuase it is going to be boiling hot) pour the liquid the the pot that your going to put the lipbalm in.

step 5

freeze for 20 mins and then your done!








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