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This site is about blogs, competitions and lots more but what our real understanding of what this website is about it is about making sure our viewers are enjoying what there reading and having fun whilst doing so. if you have any questions or feedback of anything on this site please either comment on this page or email us please we hope you enjoy this site as us (the tanga5) had fun making this site and hope to have more fun uploading this site with the things you viewers love so please comment and email , giving us feedback.Thank you 



the tanga5

 we hope to get some emails in soon


Comments on: "about this site" (10)

  1. please keep giving us feedback we would love to hear what you think

    from the TANGA5 team

    • Anonymous Internet Freak said:

      Hi peeps, I would like to say this website I think is really cool. There are many different topics which is really cool.

  2. Hi TANGA5 i no ur names btw one is round my house and were both board stiff can u make some games on here?


  3. How do u like our website please rate it
    And spread the word and get friends to come
    Here and see some awesome blogs

  4. Hi I am poo xD and I am amzing. From kathryn

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